Who We Are

Next Move X is more than just a real estate expansion team; we are a family. Our commitment lies in creating an environment that celebrates diversity, champions inclusivity, and empowers both our clients and team members. Built on a foundation of respect, open-mindedness, and a dedication to personal and professional growth, we support and motivate each other to succeed. Every transaction not only transforms our clients’ lives but also enriches our team.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Jordan Stuart

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Ross

President / Partner

Brooke Ballan

Chief Operating Officer

Founded in 2021 with the vision of becoming a leader in real estate expansion and referrals, Next Move X has its roots in a relocation network for the sports and entertainment industries. Established in 2017 by Jordan Stuart and Jason Ross, Next Move originally served high-profile clients from their bases in Washington D.C. and Orlando, Florida. Under their leadership, the brand expanded into two local real estate firms before assuming leadership roles in Keller Williams’ Sports + Entertainment Division. Jordan and Jason’s approach is grounded in cultivating personal relationships and leveraging their extensive networks to drive success.

Meet Our Support Team

Jim Arcidiacono

Director of Next Move X

Pearl Acord

Chief Communications Officer

Brittney Ezell

Director of the Private Housing Network

Justin Bruce

Director of Next Move Network

Kyle Baker

Director of Next Move Military

Brooke Ballan

Director of Marketing

Kailey Hegle

Director of Social Media

Stephanie Arjune

Web Development

Jessica Olevo

Executive Administration

Jose Celestino

Agent Success

Support is our number one priority. Our agents are backed by a dedicated team that ensures their success and growth. With expertise in operations, marketing, and technology, along with guidance from our various segment directors, we provide comprehensive support tailored to each agent’s needs. This robust support system allows every agent within the Next Move X sphere to focus on growing their local business while representing the brand at the highest level. Our commitment to excellence and collaboration ensures that our agents have the resources and assistance they need to thrive in the competitive real estate market.
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