Jason Ross, Chief Operating Officer / Partner

Jason Ross serves as our Chief Operating Officer (COO). Holding 20+ years in the marketing, digital media, and production space, he brings to Next Move his business acumen and a deep understanding of the challenges celebrities face.

As the CEO of TSM Studio in Orlando, Jason has spearheaded brand expansion and infrastructure for high-profile companies, entertainers, and athletes—such as Chris Tucker, John Walsh, Kevin Durant, Rodney Jerkins, Sony, Adidas, and many more. Among Jason’s credentials are managing NBA Allstar center Dwight Howard’s online brand from 2006 – 2017 and producing Howard’s 2015 documentary, “The Back Story.” Not surprisingly, Jason’s network includes high-profile pro athletes, their business managers, agents, spouses, friends, and sponsors.

In his role as COO, Jason works to grow the business and expand its referrals while also providing resources to help members be successful with the platform. His creativity and ability to execute help us provide our clients and members with a white-glove experience.

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