Who is Next Move X For?

Next Move X is designed for real estate agents who seek to elevate their careers by being part of a dynamic and supportive community. Our network is perfect for:

Solo Agents:

For those who already do good business but want to be part of something bigger. If you're looking to have more purpose, feel like part of a close-knit community, and leverage national resources, Next Move X is the ideal platform for you.


For real estate teams aiming to grow their local business with the backing of a national network. With Next Move X, you'll receive comprehensive support in operations, marketing, and technology, along with guidance from our experienced segment directors.

Agents Focused on Growth:

If you're looking to enhance your marketing, expand your network, and immerse yourself in a positive, innovative culture, Next Move X provides the tools, training, and support needed to achieve your goals.

At Next Move X, we offer an inclusive environment where every agent’s voice is heard, fostering collaboration and mutual growth. Our commitment to innovation, community, and excellence ensures that you can achieve new heights in your real estate career.

We are here to Support

Next Move operates as an expansion team model where the rainmaker remains the CEO of their business. We provide robust support, marketing, and a vibrant community, but we do not dictate how agents run their businesses. Our goal is to help agents grow their local businesses through extensive support and networking opportunities without taking credit for their sales or numbers. Agents retain full control and autonomy, ensuring they remain their own boss. Additionally, we support co-branding for agents who have already established their brands, allowing them to maintain their identity while benefiting from the resources and community that Next Move offers.

Next Move Territories

We have expansion teams across North America and are continuously looking to grow. Our aim is to add coverage in markets with no current presence, bolster existing teams, and expand in areas with fewer agents. By offering diverse options nationwide, we ensure that our clients can find comfort and confidence in whichever agent they work with. Next Move is dedicated to creating a broad and inclusive network that meets the needs of clients everywhere while providing robust support and opportunities for our agents. Learn more about Next Move X – schedule a consultation to find out if you are the right fit for the team in your a
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